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In this, our 20th-year Anniversary issue…
Jump to 1) Happy Birthday Brigada! 20 Years This Edition!
Jump to 2) Jericho Walls Builds Up Prayer for the Nations
Jump to 3) Sleek New Prayer Tool
Jump to 4) Free Missionary Debriefing and Evaluation Tool (MDET)
Jump to 5) Book Publishing Service Offers Half-off for Brigada Readers
Jump to 6) Where Online Does One Find Images of Arabic Faces?
Jump to 7) Billions of Unreached – Most don’t Read – Tell them a Story!
Jump to 8) TRAIN International Prepares, Debriefs, and Coaches
Jump to 9) If You Have All The Leaders You Need Don’t Read This…
Jump to 10) Alliance for Vulnerable Mission
Jump to 11) Calculate the Odds of Your Plane Going Down
Jump to 12) What if Your Email Address Changes?
Jump to 13) We Give Thanks…
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