missionary africaThanks to the Heritage Baptist Church (HBC), the MDET tool is adjoining to this post. HBC desires to provide quality member care as well as accountability among its missionary families. As a result, HBC has developed the Missionary Debrief and Evaluation Tool (MDET). Typically, the Global Ministries pastor and his wife sit down with the missionary husband and wife on the field for two 8-hour days to go over each MDET. These materials are free for you to use and distribute, however neither you, nor anyone else, may charge for any part of the materials. Anything distributed should include this statement: “This is used and distributed freely from Heritage Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA (www.HBClynchburg.com). These contents may be redistributed if done without a charge. Contents may be modified for your church use.” Find the tool here:


(Thanks HBC!)