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In this issue…

1) “What Missionaries Ought to Know…” (Revised 2015): Free Download
2) Would you Consider a Gift in Honor of Brigada’s 20-year Anniversary?
3) Simple Ministry Tool – www.TheCultureTest.com
4) Engage the least-reached peoples of Lebanon
5) What are “Cool Tools for Travelers and Those who Serve Them?”
6) Cool Tools: The Best Bible for Travel (Int’l or Otherwise)
7) Cool Tools: How to Remember Every Random Fact You Ever Heard
8) Cool Tools: the Right Camera
9) Cool Tools: The Right Vest
10) Cool Tools: Carry an 8′ Brown Extension Cord
11) Cool Tools: Back up Your Work
12) Cool Tools: World Phones
13) We Give Thanks for …
14) The BackPage: Learn from David Watson, CPM/CMM/DMM Guru
15) Closing Stuff