I stay in touch with 7 other guys who lead 7 other missions agencies. The 8 of us do a 3-day retreat once a year to build camaraderie, reduce feelings of competition, share resources, and strengthen one another’s ministries. This past week, one of those colleagues shared this video:

I found it fascinating. Though it’s not intrinsically spiritual, per se, I thought of a ton of metaphors and loved all the parables that occurred to me after watching it. I’ll just give one example:

*** Think of the difference one “species” (or person or agency) can make in a very big world. We just need to sort out the right fit or approach. Once we do, amazing things can happen. So we should never discount our action steps for the nations.

What kind of lesson or metaphor do YOU think of when you watch how wolves change rivers? Thanks in advance for jotting your response down so the rest of us can learn from it. Just please click into one of the “Comment” boxes below the web version of this item.
(Thanks again, Greg, for sharing the wolf video!)