Month: October 2013

Brigada Today– 2013/10/27

Search Brigada’s 18+ years of archives — 100% ad-free due to gifts from True Fans of Brigada In this edition: 1) “Family Circus” is Finding New Ways to Serve 2) Become Fully Funded In A Few Months 3)...

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2) Become Fully Funded In A Few Months

If you can commit to an hour and a half a day, four days a week for three weeks of training — then a weekly half-hour of coaching and accountability over Skype, you can achieve your full funding in a matter of months...

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4) What’s the best Learning Management System?

Distance learning gurus speak about creating a learning environment, with a powerful “learning management system.” If you haven’t ever considered launching a distance learning program for your new candidates or...

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5) Mother-Tongue Translators in the Pacific

Cool that Wycliffe Associates is stepping up its support of national, mother-tongue translators who are at work on Bible translation projects for their own people. This effort, called the Pacific Advance, focuses on providing...

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6) More Books/Resources on Understanding Islam

I’m struck by the way Logos has created a learning system within its publishing platform. It’s a great way for missionaries to build a fantastic library at a decent price without buying those Rubbermaid...

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9) CobianBackup Continues to Impress

I believe we first mentioned Cobiansoft’s CobianBackup in 2009. But even today, it still continues to impress. For the purchase price (zero), it will do just about as a great a job as anything at helping you prepare for...

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