map_homeDistance learning gurus speak about creating a learning environment, with a powerful “learning management system.” If you haven’t ever considered launching a distance learning program for your new candidates or existing workers, then — let’s. Start here…

And ask questions like which has the best price, best features, and the most “fun” (if distance learning can be considered fun?). As for price, you could easily walk in the door and spend $800/month on Blackboard (which is more or less the entry price tag), or you could try to use a kludgy open-source model [yawn]. The great thing is — the choice is yours. There are lots of options. The best approach might be to try SOMETHING so you get your feet wet. Then shop. In the past, Brigada has mentioned Nixty

and Estante.

But the field has matured a lot, even in the past year. Please tell us what’s your favorite system and why. Just click in a Comment Box following the web version of this item. We’ll be grateful.