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In this edition:
1) Mobilization Video about Unengaged Muslim Groups
2) Community Development Curriculum on DVD in 10 Languages
3) In Your Ideal World, What would a “Brigada App” Do?
4) What Do You Hear About the One World Futbol?
5) Joshua Project Offers Maps in Conjunction with People Selector
6) You Might Like ooVoo Better than Skype?
7) Got An iPad? Grab This App about Cities
8) Learn New Ways to Tell the Story
9) If Your Ministry is Located in the USA, Try “NextDoor”
10) It’s not Too Late to Study/Teach This Summer in China
11) Gospel Funder: Innovative Crowd-Funding
12) World Christian Tract Finder
13) Momentum is Building for N. Am. Mission Leaders Conference
14) The BackPage: Characteristics of Learning Leaders
15) Closing Stuff