money_gram_posterThe default assumption for some is to ‘wire’ the funds (bank to bank transfer in a traditional bank ‘wire’). Others are now using ATM approaches — but doesn’t this always require the slight problem of having to physically ship (or carry) an ATM card to your overseas friend? And then there’s PayPal — but are the requirements for PayPal too much for some overseas friends living in remote lands? The choice I’m most interested in learning more about at this time is the approach.

On the surface, it looks a lot handier than a ‘wire,’ and lots less troublesome than an ATM transfer (if you haven’t handed off an ATM credit or debit card to your overseas friend). Using your credit card from your laptop, your overseas friend can simply pick up the cash from a local vendor (assuming one is nearby, I guess) in MINUTES (literally), without having to log on to an online service and without having to show a credit card of any kind. If you want the money to come from your bank account, the delay is still only 3 days. Does anyone else have experience with …or a better approach?