We’ve just received a note from an author who prefers to remain anonymous, but who sometimes posts items in Brigada. He sent a thank-you note, explaining that he’s been keeping track of his e-book downloads. His stats went like this:

  • July:  No item in Brigada, 2673 books downloaded
    August:  Item in Brigada, 7137 Books downloaded
    September: No item in Brigada, 4449 books downloaded
    October:  Item in Brigada, 7872 books downloaded
Doug Lucas

Doug Lucas

Apparently, mentions in Brigada have an impact. No wonder. According to our stats, during the past 30 days, thousands of visitors from 129 countries have come to Brigada.org. Many of them cannot afford to make even the smallest donation. They live in remote areas of Africa, Asia, and beyond. Would you consider donating so that they can still enjoy Brigada too? Please help us end our fundraiser. Though our costs aren’t on the level of big commercial sites, we still have expenses — web-hosting, email services, secretarial help, office space, and more. But historically, we have never sold ads, partly because we long to maintain our freedom to speak the truth in all things, and partly because — we just like the look of this clean, white page that doesn’t flash things in your eyes. We run on donations. We don’t ask for much. Some have said we “run Brigada on a shoestring.” Our entire budget for 2012 is less than what a part-time beginner-secretary makes here in Louisville in a year. If everyone reading this gave the equivalent of one cup of coffee, our entire campaign would be over in one day. If you could be one of 73 people to donate $100, we would easily meet every need. Please help us forget fundraising and get back to Brigada. Thank you.

Doug Lucas

Founder and Editor of Brigada


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