Month: March 2012

4) Beware Compromising Your Online Identity —

Last week, I saw several emails floating around, all of which LOOKED as if they had originated from PayPal’s Customer Service Department, asking you to verify a recent change in your password and email address. The emails...

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7) Kids’ Missions Lesson Downloads –-

Stand4Kids, a ministry team of Pioneers, offers downloadable mission lessons for children – 23 so far with more to come. Most are geared for ages 5-11. Themes include unreached peoples, THUMB, prayer, holidays, mission events,...

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9) ACMI Conference May 31-June 2 in Houston —

Do you work in any way with international students and scholars? The annual conference of the Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI) is for you: May 31 to June 2 at the First Baptist Church of Houston,...

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10) Language Groups In Mexico Hear/Believe —

Most of the news we hear coming out of Mexico is not good news.   However a recent report from the Global Recordings Mexico team changes all that!  During the month of February many heard and believed the Good News of Jesus...

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2) We Know More about Member Care for Women??? —

Is it true? Do we really know more about missionary care for women than we do for men? That was the conclusion of Gary Reed, a a Licensed Professional Counselor with Ministry Care who serves Team Expansion workers worldwide. In...

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3) What’s Your Opinion about Kony2012? —

Unless you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of the sea, you’ve probably heard about the outlaw named Kony. If you’ve heard about him from a video that’s gone viral on Youtube, you’re...

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4) Summer Linguistics Program at CanIL —

Intrigued by languages? Take advantage of a summer of linguistics training for roles in Bible translation, literacy, survey, or Scripture use at the Canada Institute of Linguistics in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. At...

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6) God’s Heart For The Nations Course —

Why haven’t I heard of this course before? Question #1: Is it good? Question #2: Does it motivate participants? Question #3: Would you recommend it? Please use the Comment box below this item as it’s posted on the...

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7) Which Web Meeting Software do you Prefer? —

Our office has been using GoToMeeting. It’s ok… but sometimes I wonder if we get stuck in a rut and forget to recheck to see if somebody else has improved another product, you know? For example, this past Monday I...

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