I’m not trying to say that God has an official list of Unreached People Groups up in Heaven. But I AM saying that he KNOWS the people who haven’t had a chance to hear his message. He HEARS the voices of those who have been overlooked. He’s the God who will leave the 99 to seek the 1. He’s the One who rejoices over finding one single lost coin.


So People Cluster and People-Group-Across-Countries (PGAC) are worth a closer look.  Dan, of JoshuaProject.net clarified with us this past week, “People Clusters are the second level of the ethnic peoples tree.  People-Group-Across-Countries are the third level.  People Clusters are a “family” or collection of People-Group-Across-Countries.  You can see the relationships at the bottom of any Joshua Project profile.  For example, scroll at the way to the bottom of the following page:




The upper left quadrant of the “grid” is the Peoples leg.  So in this case:


First level – Affinity Bloc = Arab World

Second level – People Cluster = Arab, Hassaniya

Third level – People Group Across Countries = Moor

Fourth level- People Group in Countries = Moor of Mauritania


Helpful stuff. (Thanks Dan!)


Now I know there are those who feel there are mistakes in one list or another. And where there are mistakes, we need to correct them. But the principle still stands: In general, wherever we have overlooked the establishment of a new beachhead for Christ, we need to mobilize people to go. It’s worth living our lives to draw attention to that truth. Please don’t forget it.