If you didn’t get a book review from him at one time or another (maybe you were living on Mars?), you probably heard one of his webinars. (See his book reviews, nearly 1000 of them.) He actually featured Brigada on a recent webinar… and, in his typical well-prepared way, he modeled a level of excellence for me that was such a trademark, it might as well have been his middle name. David Mays entered the marketplace as a director of quality control in a major pharmaceutical company. In some ways, when it comes to quality control, he never really laid aside the clipboard. In his work with ACMC, and most recently, with The Mission Exchange (formerly EFMA), he was always “Mr. Resource,” and constantly improving the capacity of local churches and agencies wanting to make a global impact. But this past week, he went on up to see Jesus.


David Mays will be missed, but not forgotten. Missions Exchange might try to replace him, but they’ll need five employees to come close to what David did solo… and each of those five better be good. Bravo David. Job well done. Enjoy heaven. We’ll look forward to your tips about that come our turn.