I remember “back in the day,” our organization subscribed to listings from Intercristo, an agency that specialized in connecting willing volunteers with mission opportunities. Back in 2009, Intercristo merged with ChristianJobs.com. I’m not really sure that the latter agency fills the same niche that Intercristo used to provide. For example, last week we received this note from a Brigada participant: “I am an electrician who would like to use my skills to “help.” Is there a resource website for skilled trades in missions? I know a lot of co-workers with a similar desire. I would love to hear something about this in Brigada.” Actually, I think he has a good point. If you know of such a service, please use the “Comment” feature (below the web version of this item) and clue us in. We’ll review on the services and report about them in a future Brigada Today. Certainly, if we’re to be successful in connecting workers with opportunities, this is exactly the kind of site we would need.