Month: January 2011

1) Lots of Free TV that Matters —

Wow… this puts “Family Ties” and MTV to shame. Lots of UNHCR stuff… BBC, and dozens more stations, totally free — on your laptop computer via the Net. So see?...

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2) Print Your Book in India —

New Life Printers will print your book at a good cost savings. For example, two thousand copies of a 100 page book is .88 cents a copy. Shipping is extra but it can still be a good deal. For example, to ship the two thousand...

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4) Backing Up Your Files in “the Cloud” —

I’ve never been a big fan of backing up on line. My laptop has a 300 Gig drive that’s packed with info. Not only does it take a long time to backup over the Internet, but I also want to get to my info when I want to...

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6) Are you a Tablet Computer User? —

If so, we’d like to hear how you’re using your new slate. Maybe it’s an iPad and you’re using it to preach from on Sundays? Or maybe you’ve got some other device, using it around the office as you...

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7) Mission Leadership Training Online —

LeaderLink has been known as the most comprehensive leadership training designed specifically for missions. For over 16 years CrossGlobal Link has been providing this specialized leadership training to field missionaries and...

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8) Reentry Shower —

Do you have foreign field workers returning home after years of service in the field. Thought about what they need when they get home? They probably will need to set up house again from scratch. Consider blessing them with a...

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