I’ve never been a big fan of backing up on line. My laptop has a 300 Gig drive that’s packed with info. Not only does it take a long time to backup over the Internet, but I also want to get to my info when I want to get to it, not just when the Internet is available. In addition, I’ve always wondered if these services can scan their data and produce some kind of report, even if it’s only a *general* report. To me, it’s creepy thinking that some midnight security guy could be scanning through my files while he eats his ham sandwich.

At the same time, I recognize that the “Cloud Computing” concept has finally brought easier back-up services to the masses. If this kind of service can work for you, then probably … backing up online is perhaps better than not backing up at all (as long as the midnight snack guy isn’t some Middle-Eastern spy :-) ). The New York Times recently featured a great review on these services. Find it at…


(Thanks to Lissa for finding this New York Times item all the way over in Uganda.)