Month: April 2010

4) Bible Resources for Immigrant Peoples

Millions of people are on the move to new countries. Do you know someone who has moved away from their home language area? It is often difficult to find Bibles in those other languages. The World Bibles site can help you. It...

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5) Free Web Space for Bible text

Many minority languages Bible translators would like to put their work on the Internet. If you would like your people group to have internet access to the Bible in their language, but you don’t know how to put it on the...

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6) Upgrade Hard Drive In a Flash

Next time you run out of space on your laptop, ask yourself a critical question: Do you really need to chuck the whole laptop? … or might you extend its life for a while by spend $135 or so on a new 500 gig hard drive? If...

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8) Feedback on Humanitarian Worker Wellness

Not that long ago, we featured a survey being carried out on the Humanitarian Worker Wellness Inventory (HWWI). See the original item at: 3) Wellness Inventory For Cross Cultural Workers The purpose of the research project was...

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9) Resources for Focusing on the Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula is the focal point of all Islam and there is a growing array of resources to encourage prayer for the peoples of the Arabian Peninsula. Download Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula (PTAP) booklets at...

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10) EFL Workbooks for Christian Studies

These workbooks are designed for learners of English who need to improve their reading comprehension in order to perform effectively in Bible colleges and seminaries that require extensive reading in English. The intention is...

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