Month: December 2009

1) Check out This Mission and Prayer Database

Here’s an amateur ‘Mission and Prayer for the World’ Resources database, maintained by one amateur volunteer since 1999. Find it on the web at… It contains a fantastic...

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2) Pray for the Azerbaijani

Interested in the Azerbaijani? Join the North American Azerbaijani Network, a network of churches, agencies, and people in North America whose mission is to raise the awareness in the Church in North America of the strategic...

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3) Are You the “Artsy Type?” Try Clover

I continue to be high on Clover. (Not the weed, mind you.) Check them out at… They have a *bundle* of new features coming out. Check them out at…...

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5) Culture Shock Russian Style!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? “Peterburgers” is a humorously piled platter that’s culturally insightful and spiritually challenging. Treat yourself to funny adventures in Russia told with culture...

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9) Wycliffe Associates UK, Hospitality service

Wycliffe Associates, on the web at… offers overnight and some holiday accommodation in many parts of the UK free or at minimal cost. They have recently produced a spreadsheet showing...

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10) Learn to Teach English in Southeast Asia

Here’s a four-week intensive TESOL course offered in Northern Thailand 8 March through 2 April 2010.  Learn to teach English among non-English speaking population with the opportunity to live in a foreign culture as well. ...

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