I continue to be high on Clover. (Not the weed, mind you.) Check them out at…


They have a *bundle* of new features coming out. Check them out at…


A new media player (that will automatically play your videos), a new calendar, podcasting, font-sizing, linkable pictures, passworded pages, the ability to refer to each page with a link even though it’s flash, a dedicated staff page, “slide show” objects and photo albums, and even automatic forms! Not bad for $20/month. Granted, the initial sign-up fee is stiff ($1000), but I ask you: How many of us could program flash-oriented high-tech pages like these… so fast! They even have real humans who answer the phone and help you, if you can ever think of anything to ask. Most of it is so intuitive, you’ll probably never need the tech support anyway. And by the way, all those new upgrades will be instant and free — and they’ll take care of it for you. As for uploading webpages, all you need is your browser… nothing to install, no plug-ins to download. Easy as that. Pick from dozens of templates and be up and running *tonight*.

(Please be sure to use the link above so they’ll know Brigada sent you their way. We would have recommended them anyway — and that’s the truth — but this way, it’s the best of both worlds: You get a snazzy, quick, world-class website, and Brigada ends up with a gift as a result of your good choice! By the way, they’ve already sent their first gift! So thanks to those who chose to try them out!)