carecreationDon’t miss the “Our Father’s World” conference/retreat that will feature Ed Brown, of Care of Creation, on March 6th, 2010, at Brigada’s own Emerald Hills (on the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky). You’ll learn straight from an expert — what kind of shape is our planet in, what can regular people do about it, how can churches and missions agencies get involved, and what are the potential ‘wins’ for all those entities. On top of all that, you can participate with the group in a prayer walk on one of the Emerald Hills prayer trails. Learn how you can combine ecology and missions, while taking care of creation, all in one full day, 8am to 5pm in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, on March 6th. Lunch will be included. Online registration will open on December 1st. Only 150 seats are available. In a unique approach to helping raise funds for Emerald Hills, we’re conducting a limited-time online action for as many of the 150 seats as possible. Not only will this help cover the costs of the workshop itself, but it will also help Team Expansion’s capital campaign for building Emerald Hills.

Here’s how it works: Until Dec. 31, make a donation to Brigada of at least $101 or more and ask to be included in the guest list. Alternatively, make a donation of $101 or more to underwrite the cost of someone else’s participation. This is a special program that will only run only until Dec. 31. At that time, we’ll close registration. The first 150 people that donate $101 or more during the allotted time will be at the top of the guest list for the March 6th event. Once we’ve paid all the expenses for the retreat, all remaining donations will go directly toward the new Brigada Prayer Shelter at Emerald Hills. So you’ll be investing in creating a nerve center for missions and world evangelism — and you’ll also get a top-notch seminar *and* a free lunch to boot! Bring your family and make a day of it. Bring the elders from your local church and consider it a team building event. Bring your church or mission agency staff to investigate how you can *really* “go green”  — in more than just name-only. This theme might attract many new visitors to your church. I just saw in a front page newspaper article yesterday that one segment of the housing market that *is* booming are “green homes” (those involving solar and other creation-friendly components). If it’s working for home-builders, why not try it for church-builders!? Bring your leadership as you begin brainstorming about building your new church building.

How do you register?  Easy. Just go to

The “eh” stands for Emerald Hills, by the way. You can take care of everything there at one site — the registration process, the payment, the works.