renewalAre you serving somewhere in a land where it’s difficult to “get away”? Maybe it’s a sensitive place… or maybe there just aren’t that many get-aways in general? Or maybe you’re feeling a bit ‘behind the 8-ball’, having to cover for someone else while they’re gone from the field? If this is you — have you found a way to deal with that feeling? If you’re single, are you managing it solo? … or teaming up with others in some way? If you’re married, how have you and your spouse managed to renew on a regular basis?

Either way, would you take a moment to share your tip, “lesson learned”, or other renewing practice in the comment box below? Remember, you can comment *totally* confidentially. No one will see your email address but me — and mum’s the word here. You’ve got my track record since 1995. (Has anyone ever contacted you because you were subscribed to the Brigada email list? Impossible. For 14 years. Never shared.) You can share a place, a practice, a link, a book, a song, — anything that has helped you find *renewal*. Thanks for taking a moment — “one beggar telling another where to find bread.” Totally in confidence.

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