… for a check from Insurance Services of America (ISA) for $63 as a result of insurance purchased by Wendy and Mary Lou. Thank you ladies… and thank you ISA. Find out more about the options they offer, which are many, at…


In short, you’ll find just about every kind of medical, travel, life, and medical insurance imaginable, including special policies specifically for missionaries. What’s more, they make a special gift to Brigada in your name when you purchase coverage from them. So thank *you* for checking them out.

We’re grateful to a new Brigada participant from Plainfield, IN, for sending a gift of $10 to help tide Brigada over into the new year. Thanks for your partnership!!!

Thanks, too, for a $100 “True Fan” gift from Evangelism Resources. Learn more about Evangelism Resources at…


See the entry above about their work… and thanks to the leadership at Evangelism Resources for partnering with Brigada!