We have heard a chorus of voices… and most were loud and clear: “Please give us back the ‘old’ Brigada!” :-) If you were enjoying our experiments at HTML- and graphics-encoding, you were apparently in the minority. :-) So we’re back this week with the same format that has characterized Brigada since it began Jan. 25th, 1995. But there’s just one difference: we’re working *soooooooooo* hard at sprucing up our website so it’ll be a worthwhile and fun place for you to visit. So if you *do* have access to the web, please stop by and visit:


Check out that Tag Cloud (“Search by tag”), expand those years of archived issues (“Search by date”)[we have already transferred hundreds of previous editions from 2008-2001]. We’ll stay at it ’til we’re completely transitioned to the new “Web 2.0” format, allowing you to write helpful comments, reviews, disagreeing viewpoints, as well as additional resources and helpful links. What’s more, your feedback now shows up *instantly*. There’s no wait for a moderator to approve your comment. You’ll also be able to see the 5 most recent comments (so you’ll see where the discussions are happening), and you can also search with “needle-in-a-haystack precision” using the site-only full-text search service provided by Google. And when we produce these new Brigadas, we’re splashing in helpful illustrations, with the artwork keyed to the organization or theme. So please… stop by and check us out. We’ll hope you’ll find the answers for which you’re searching.