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book Operation World 2001 by Patrick Johnstone & Jason Mandryk will be released September 1, 2001!!! This new revision will contain 80% new material, and has been years in the making! Paternoster Publishing & Gabriel Resources want to offer all the Operation World resources to mission organizations at wholesale discounts and other special discounts to individuals with a heart for missions! In addition, you can get
  • Window on the World, the incredible, photographic, gorgeous “OW for the Family”
  • Operation World Prayer Calendar, 122 Countries from OW are included in this desktop spiral prayer calendar. Prayer points are given on a day-by-day format, great for windowsills, family tables, office desks and more! Retail $10.99 ISBN 1-884543-59-6
  • Wall Map – Laminated or Folded. This wall map is 22×36″ and great for any office, classroom or home! Retail $6.99 (folded), $9.99 (laminated). ISBN 1-884543-60-X
  • Operation World CD-Rom The Operation World CD-Rom contains all the information from OW and goes even deeper with graphs, charts, links and much more! Retail $17.99 ISBN 1-85078-359-4

To order these resources, simply call toll-free to 8MORE-BOOKS (706- 554-1594 outside USA), fax to 706-554-7444 or contact Ellen Graf by email at



virus Remember the earlier item about the Sircam virus seemingly become rampant in Christian circles? “SIRCAM TROJAN “WORM” (VIRUS) SEEMS RAMPANT IN CHRISTIAN CIRCLES” I was wrong. It’s rampant everywhere. I have a hunch that by now, most of us have seen those words, “I send you this file to have your advice.” One Brigada participant wrote last week saying he had received 30 Sircam-infected emails in one day! Bottom line: Get some good antivirus software, enable it (so that it filters your email), and keep the data file up to date. Remember, Norton software now does all that automatically, so if you have to make a choice, we recommend Norton. And we don’t get a referral bonus, by the way. :-) By the way, if you can’t afford virus software for the moment, but you have free or very cheap Internet access, one participant (Thanks Sherri!) recommended the following two sites, which perform virus checking interactively, at no cost to the user: (We have not personally verified those sites.)


graduation cap MissionPrep is bringing two important training events to Toronto: SYIS (Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills) from October 1-5 and PLANTS (see below). SYIS is a workshop for missionaries by Ken Williams’ International Training Partners. This interactive workshop is intended for mission personnel wanting to increase their knowledge, attitudes and skills in relating to others. A 216 page workbook is provided, in which each topic includes key articles, a Bible study, a self-assessment, and opportunities for growth. Space is limited, so register early. Go to: or write


Mission Prep is staging this training October 14-26. This seminar teaches a proactive approach to learning a new language. You evaluate your learning strengths & weaknesses, learn the principles and skills of language acquisition, practice with native speakers of your target language, and actually begin to grow in your target language. All within two weeks in the world’s most multicultural city – Toronto. For more information contact Robert at 416-284-5645 or go to: or write


graduation cap Elim Bible Institute will soon begin a two year program to train “International Health Technicians” (classes beginning September 2001). Apparently there was some confusion about the item published previously “MEDICAL TRAINING FOR MISSIONARIES“. Contrary to what might have been implied, there is no prior medical training necessary! Open your own health clinic or work alongside a doctor. Diagnose and treat diseases specializing in “Tropical and Third World Medicine”, learn to deliver babies, give injections and do minor surgery. Includes Emergency Medical Technician Certification. Health care is the key to many locked doors around the world! This Certificate Program consists of one year of “Missions and Cross Cultural Studies” and one year of intensive medical training by an Experienced Faculty of Medical Specialists. Transfers are accepted for the first year from approved Bible Schools or training programs. International students are welcome! Seats will be limited. Call today for more information. Call admissions in the USA at 800-670-ELIM or 716-582-1230, e-mail, or click to


Someone must have seen our item in Brigada Today, ‘NOT MUCH HYPE ABOUT “GODSMISSION.COMMUNITY'”. This past week, we received information on this very event, billed as “North America’s most comprehensive gathering of mission leaders in recent years”. It’s slated for September 20 – 23 in Orlando, Florida to discover new pathways for collaborative global ministries. Forums will cover a wide variety of topics including partnership, church mobilization, creative missions options, personal evangelism and technological collaboration. Discussions and presentations will be augmented with worship, corporate prayer and time to network throughout the weekend. While participants are drawn primarily form the sponsoring networks of mission leaders, others are welcome as space allows. For further info: email, click or call 630-752-5162.


calendar “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” has been experiencing dynamic growth with over 100 classes being offered this Fall across the U.S. and Canada. Over one hundred North American Perspectives coordinators, as well as two delegates from Korea, gathered in Denver this July for the triennial Perspectives National Field Council to help shape the movement for the 21st century. The Perspectives course was originally developed by Dr. Ralph Winter (U.S. Center for World Mission), in response to a marked increase in commitment cards turned in at the close of Urbana, 1973. Though the original intent was to provide training for college students headed to the mission field, the course also mobilizes lay people by “equipping the people of God for strategic participation in His plan to reach all peoples, tongues, tribes, and nations.” Council participants reported that more and more mission agencies’ candidates have been influenced by the Perspectives course, and Churches are taking more pro-active roles in sending, praying, or in adopting people groups, as a result of hosting the course.

Scott White, chairman of the Perspectives Executive Coordinators’ Council, noted, “Hearing reports from around the nation about the impact and growth of Perspectives was inspirational and left all with great expectations for the future of the movement.” Council participants addressed topics such as repackaging Perspectives material for children and gen-Xers, encouraging alumni for ongoing involvement, recapturing the course emphasis on passion for the Lord and his purposes, and harnessing the power of the web as a tool for mobilization. David Byrant (Concerts of Prayer International), Carol Davis (Global Spectrum), Steve Hawthorne (Waymakers), and Ralph Winter addressed the gathering, challenging participants to renew their vision both for the glory of God and for mobilizing lay people to use their gifts strategically to reach the unreached. Messages and workshops may be accessed on-line at and clicking on Perspectives Field Council.



The EasyEnglish department of Wycliffe Associates (UK) announced this past week that Book 2 (Ps 42-72) of Gordon Churchyard’s very popular translation helps is now posted at


Insurance Services of America has a brand new, low cost health insurance plan available for long-term workers, including those serving overseas, complete with maternity coverage and coverage for staff in the USA too. Complete details are available on their web site at or write or call 800-647-4589 / 480-821-9052. Insurance Services of America is a Christian organization that specializes in health and life insurance for missionaries and mission organizations.

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