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book Orders are now being taken for the new Mission Handbook 2001-2003. The volume will be delivered from the printer shortly. This indispensable 18th edition is 584 pages long and is $49.95. Edited by John A. Siewert and Dotsey Welliver, this standard reference provides updated missions agency addresses, phone and fax numbers, and essays from Luis Bush, Scott Moreau, and others. Contact the Evangelism and Missions Information Service, P.O. Box 794, Wheaton, IL 60189. You can also fax credit card orders to 630-752-7155. Please provide your name as it appears on the card, account number, expiration date, and whether using Visa or Mastercard.


cd-rom Church multiplication specialist, George Patterson, has put a life-time of experience into a CD-ROM, as an interactive e-textbook, in the form of a fast-paced novel, with graphics, sounds, pop-ups, skill learning scores and more (30MB). For Windows 95+ with a version for Windows 3. Suitable for training courses and near or distance mentoring. Text in colloquial American English. See samples at http://www.westernseminary.edu/mrg/dn/ or write to George at disciplenations@servants-inc.org. Thanks to Galen for the info.!!! Sounds very interesting! I’ve already written for more info!


praying hands It’s coming soon! The worldwide 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus, and the ninth annual “10/40 Window” project! Millions participate every year. It’s slated for Nov 27 to Dec 26, 2000. For more information, click to http://www.ywam.org/prayer/30daysmuslim.html. New 52-page booklets will start shipping mid-October and can be ordered by emailing wcn@xc.org or calling (in the USA or via Net2phone) 888-926-6397, or faxing 719-380-0936.


The International Missionary Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA opens the Missions Memorial & Gardens on November 10-12, with the highlight being the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. The primary purpose of the Missions Memorial is to depict the personal sacrifice that so many have made for the advancement of the gospel. The museum will consist of 10,000 square feet of photographs, artifacts, renderings, films, and five acres of Memorial Gardens. Please visit their website for more information at http://www.missionary.net or e-mail imc@missionary.net. Please contact Cathy or Evie with questions or comments 918-459-0431.


graduation cap There’s still time to register for “Light to the Nations” – Oct. 25-29. Discover the power of tentmaking during 4 1/2 days of intensive training in integrating work and witness to reach least reached peoples. Designed for investigating or going, the program helps you prepare to be effective overseas. Topics include Biblical/contemporary rationale, international job market, job acquisition, workplace evangelism, evangelistic Bible studies, church planting, cross-cultural bonding, team building, and home church relationship. Program cost is only $100 for singles, $150 for couples. Inexpensive housing/meals are available at the US Center for World Mission. To register or learn more, go to http://www.globalopps.org/training.htm or email ltn@globalopps.org tel. 626-398-2393.


Looking for Missions Resources in different languages? Here are over 150 sources for Bibles, Books, Tracts and Videos. This list is now on the web at http://www.esbc.com/missionsresources.html For more info, email David_Baptist@Hotmail.com


WebWatch So how do we reach the 1 million or so seamen, . . . those who spend the majority of their lives at sea? Check out http://www.seafarers-ministry.de for one approach.


Bible Thanks to Dave for pointing us to http://www.bible.org where readers can find a free “net Bible” available for personal use, ready for downloading. The author of the site (Joe Head, apparently) is reportedly on the hunt for good “machine translators” to release to qualified nationals for proofing. If you have a lead, write him at: head@bible.org.


books Thanks to Jim and Laurie (who have established and operate a public Christian library in Prague, Czech Republic) for the referral to www.bookfinder.com, which searches over 20,000 booksellers world-wide (including all the on-line booksellers) with 20 million volumes (both used and new books) to seek out the best deals and those hard-to-find volumes! Thanks Jim and Laurie! Thanks, too, to Kui for pointing us to http://missionsbookstore.com, a site with pointers to several major languages.


Grace gcwac@hotmail.com was apparently having trouble with her email setup when she recently asked that musicians and artists contact her. If you would like to be connected with those who are praying for these kinds of opportunities, just send her the name of your mission/ministry, your contact info, (especially your email address), your vision statement, and what you are looking for in terms of musicians and artists – ie. potential roles, etc. , and also include possible locations where they might be sent. Don’t forget to indicate whether or not you’re interested in having this information posted on the web site: www.skyfamily.com/gracew/index9.html or www.skyfamily.com/gracew/index62.html. If security is an issue and you don’t want the info on the site, but would like to have referrals, just say so and she’ll honor your request.


You might want to take in a special meeting between representatives of the Evangelical Missiological Society, the Evangelical Theological Society, board members of Evangelical Ministries to New Religions, and other interested evangelicals. The meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual national conference of the Evangelical Theological Society on Friday, November 17 at 7:00 a.m. at the Shoney’s Restaurant, 2645 McGavock Pike in Nashville.

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