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fireworks showLately, we’ve been highlighting the needs of the “final frontier” . . . those last 250-some groups from the Joshua Project 2000 list which had remained untargeted by churches and agencies throughout the world. Fortunately, the list has just been trimmed significantly. To zero, in fact. :-) Yessssssssssssss! thumbs-up In a meeting this past week by the Strategic Task Force, representatives of various agencies stepped forward and, one by one, signed up for the final 253 groups on the JP2000 list. (Thanks to the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, Campus Crusade/Jesus Film Project and Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for taking responsibility for the final 100!) Now… to clarify… this doesn’t mean the job is done, you understand. But we can finally say that now there is some agency or church, somewhere in the world, which has taken ultimate responsibility for launching a church-planting movement in every known remaining desperately unreached people group in the world (consisting of at least 10,000 people with a percentage of evangelicals lower than 2%). God be praised! (Thanks to Rick Wood for reporting in the online version of Mission Frontiers about this exciting development.)


It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. That’s the way I’d have to sum up the reader response to our review of a couple of Internet financial sites. First of all, readers outside of the USA were pretty put off by the space we’ve devoted to the issue these past couple of weeks, since it’s irrelevant for them. So far, it appears that none of the approaches can accommodate non-USA residents. :-( Secondly, readers who weren’t interested in transferring money over the Internet were [“yawn” yawning face ] bored by the whole discussion. :-) And finally, there were a handful of folks who thought we were perhaps devoting a bit too much time to what they considered a non-missions topic. To all those audiences, our apologies.

Paypal logo Meanwhile, the response on the other side of the fence has been nothing short of stupendous. Literally dozens of readers have said thanks for pointing out PayPal, a great (and very easy) option for safely transferring funds from one Internet user to another. We can freely say “safely” now because of a new policy announced by PayPal on August 1st that protects buyers from fraud when using the PayPal service. See the site for more details about how to become a verified PayPal user. I tried it and it took all of 5 minutes to obtain verification. Find it at…

note Disclaimer: PayPal donates $5 to Brigada Today for every new user who uses the link above to sign up :-).

… and last week we announced a second option for those who needed online banking. (To clarify, this doesn’t in any way signal that PayPal has any problems, but rather, that those who need full service banking will probably want to look to this second option.) Compubank offers free checking accounts, savings accounts, bill payment, domestic wire transfers, ATM use (4/month), frequent flyer miles, online check images and monthly statements! Open an account instantly at:

note Disclaimer: Until August 31st, CompuBank donates $40 to Brigada Today for every new user who uses the link above to sign up :-). By the way, they also give a $20 bonus to each new user!

So remember that the survey for Internet funds transfer approaches was prompted by Brigada reader inquiries — like most of the material we present. As such, it was intended to meet the needs of at least some of the Brigada family. But if it doesn’t apply to you, please forgive us and just move on to the next item. :-)



movie camera This new video details the story of what the producers refer to as the first completely indigenous church movement planted in Mongolia. The story follows a multi-national church planting team as they pioneer, the church planting movement that develops, the team’s phase-out and handover to local elders, planting of multiple daughter and granddaughter churches, and the training and sending out of Mongol missionaries that are now planting churches all over Mongolia and beyond. According to early viewer reports, the 15-minute movie is both exciting, encouraging, and technically excellent. Available in NTSC or PAL formats. For PAL Version purchase contact InterAct; P.O. Box 1624; 701 16 Orebro; SWEDEN or write to For NTSC (American system video) purchase, send US$20.00 to cover video and shipping (within USA) to YWAM Church Planting Coaches at via (Yay PayPal! :-) I can see this becoming the “standard” way to purchase Brigada resources over the web! :-) :-) :-) ) Be sure to include a valid shipping address with your payment. International Orders pay actual shipping.


Bible Don’t forget that you can still get the entire Logos Bible software system (in King James version only) at: We keep mentioning this item every once and awhile because the Logos Bible software system is so popular among Brigada participants. It is important to note that the sponsor of the site (Ephesians 4 group) does invite donations.


Thanks to Chris (in the HeartBeat Online) for pointing us to Apparently, six major carriers plan to sell cheap airline seats that otherwise might have been left empty. There’s a prompt to be notified when it finally opens (slated for early fall).


Brigada Logo If you haven’t already sent a note to to register for our readership survey, time is fast running out. All those who participate will automatically be entered in a drawing for any one of 6 water purifiers from TealBrook. These water filters are the PentaPure Sport bottles, the kind with the built-in straw — the ones you don’t have to pump! I use one of these myself on each of my overseas trips to visit our cross-cultural workers or to launch a new field. The only hitch is — I had to buy mine. :-) These six were donated for this survey by Jim and Deb at TealBrook (Thanks Jim and Deb!), on the web at

This past week, Nate Butler made things all the more interesting. Nate made his living for over 20 years as a cartoonist, commercial artist, and writer/illustrator of comics, producing artwork for clients such as Jim Henson Productions, DC Comics, and King Features Syndicate, as well as writing for Archie Comics and Marvel Comics. During that time he worked on over a dozen internationally known characters such as Archie & Jughead, The Muppets, Popeye, Barbie, Heathcliff, Bugs Bunny, Mighty Mouse, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Snuffy Smith, Animated Batman, The Jetsons, and Berenstain Bears — as well as Christian comics and tracts. Now the Lord has called him into full-time ministry as part of ROX35 Media, Inc., a non-profit, non-denominational ministry which has been organized to provide international training and consultation in the production and use of Christian comics for evangelism and discipleship. You can learn more about ROX35 by visiting

So get this — all those who participate in the Brigada readership survey will now automatically be entered to win two pages of original artwork that was actually published as Archie comic #161 (Feb.’87), featuring Archie and Veronica! The winning survey participant will also receive two copies of the published (finished) comic book as well. Talk about a collector’s item — especially if you’re interested in comic strips. Thanks Nate!!!!

So… bottom line… write Jim at to let him know you’re interested. And while you’re at it, let him know if you’re needing any of your own survey or research assistance. As for your email address and identity? Jim pledges to use it only for this survey. Your information will not be released or sold to anyone else for any other purpose. Thanks again Jim!



10/40 window It’s the European “Mission Live” Conference with Reinhard Bonnke, Fred Markert, Sam Dharam, Walter Heidenreich, Fraser Haug, Rebecca St. James and other international speakers, from 1.11.2000 to 4.11.2000 in Freiburg. For more information, telephone 0049-8248-122-58 or fax: 122-41. Or simply email or click to


AD2000 As the AD2000 & Beyond Movement prepares both for CM2000 and its planned closure early in 2001, some office functions are being phased out earlier. If you have an ongoing commitment to an unreached people on the Joshua Project 2000 list, the AD2000 office will do it’s best to help you make networking connections if they know of others who registered a commitment. Please follow the security procedure at: Or, if you have previously been screened and wish an updated networking report, please notify All requests must be submitted by September 30, 2000 with the name and country of the people at:


WebWatch movie camera noted Indian writer Vishal Mangalwadi has highlighted the need for evangelistic websites aimed at Indians. And P G Vargis, Indian mission statesman, has responded to the article pressing the urgent needs and opportunities of strategic video ministry for India (which he also wishes to be passed on to anyone who could be interested). Both articles are featured at:


calendar The International Society for Frontier Missiology (ISFM) has announced its Fall 2000 Conference. All are invited and encouraged to attend. The dates immediately precede the EFMA Conference and will be at the same location. This will take place at the Simpsonwood Conference Center near Atlanta, GA and will begin Sunday, Sept 17 through Monday Sept 18 (The EFMA Conference begins Monday evening, Sept 18). Cost for the conference, room and meals range from $90 – $130, depending on date of submission and room type. For a brochure and registration form, contact Dave Flynn or call 626-398-2336.


Brigada Logo Find one at Brigada- Opportunities. Here’s how it works. For example, this past week, we rec’d a note from telling us about his expertise in grantwriting, fundraising, and computer programming. We proceeded to tell him about Brigada-Opportunities. It’s an online email conference – – kind of like a “job forum” (for those needing jobs or offering services). It’s like having a free placement service combined with a free “headhunter” service (the friendly kind) all in one! If you’re looking for a place to serve, where God can use your special gifts, just send a note to And if you’ve got an opportunity, just email the note to You don’t have to join — but your email will float into the conference even though you’re not subscribed! That way, you get to place your notice and those who are searching for the opportunity get to read the mail! When the volunteer hits reply, the reply goes straight to the person who sent the message (not to the whole conference). Couldn’t be simpler. So go for it! It’s a free service.


WebWatch Need links? There are dozens of sites on the web that can help you find the right place. Steve wrote this past week to recommend, which is a big collection of hot links under many categories. Steve now uses it as his “home page.” He writes, “Under the “travel” category they even have a couple of translators. And foreign currency exchange rates. All kinds of neat stuff.” He also suggested that we stop in at, a people/place/company-finder that really works. It has a unique reverse look-up feature that is, in Steve’s words, “pretty neat.” It is also linked with a map-maker. And for your after hours leisure time (do you make any of that? :-) ), Steve suggested, with many articles about how all kinds of things work. MKs would enjoy that site especially. Thanks Steve!


calendar Hear the Call! On September 2, 2000, thousands of youth and parents will gather for a fast of Biblical proportions. Organizers write, “This is a response to a summons from Heaven (Joel 2:12-32). Two generations will converge on the Mall in Washington DC to worship, pray, fast, seek reconciliation, and be commissioned as a new breed of holy revolutionaries to shake campuses and the nations. Join us as we seek the face of God. Our vision is two generations walking together to impact the world. For more information, see To hear what God is saying to this generation, visit”


calendar Caleb Project is holding a “Focused Strategies Conference” Sept 21-23 in Littleton, Colorado, USA. This conference is designed to equip North American churches and individuals for effective ministry among the unreached by focusing their ministry efforts on specific people groups. Similar to the advocate training seminars Caleb Project has held in the past, the FSC will include sessions on selecting and researching a people group, persisting in prayer, building networks and partnerships, serving the field, and honoring your local church. Cost is US $145 (includes materials and meals but not housing); group discounts are available. Limited to 60 participants. Contact Caleb Project’s Advocacy & Research Department at 303-730-4170 or Read more at


calendar One Voice 2000, an international worship event for church unity has been scheduled for the weekend of September 23rd and 24th. One Voice began as the dream of a worship leader that churches from around the world would share a song and pray for each other. Organizers write, “The logistics are simple: During their own worship service, the congregation will sing the worship song that was chosen for One Voice this year and spend some time praying for church unity. In past years there have been participants from literally all over the world. The testimonies following those events have been very encouraging.” To register your church or for more information visit or email


cd-rom As mentioned before, some feel that the video CD is a great way to distribute evangelistic and teaching videos. The VideoCD (VCD) format is NOT the same as DVD, but it DOES pack 1 hour of video onto a CD which can be played by most PCs, Macs, and some Playstations, as well as DVD players. The format is widely used in Asia and the 10-40 window and has many advantages over video tapes: (Thanks Tony!!!)


graduation cap “Light to the Nations” – Oct. 25-29, 2000. Intensive 4 1/2 day training in integrating work and witness in order to make disciples in needy cultures. Designed both for those going and those considering tentmaking, this unique program helps you prepare to be effective overseas.. Topics include Biblical and contemporary rationale, the international job market, job acquisition, workplace evangelism, evangelistic Bible studies, church planting, cross-cultural bonding, team building, and home church relationship. Program cost is only $100 for singles, $150 for couples. Inexpensive housing and meals are available at the US Center for World Mission. To register or learn more, check out Global Opportunities on the web at or email tel. 626-398-2393.


tools This new searchable database from CCC offers tools in a wide range of categories and languages. If you have resources to add, carefully follow the submission procedure. This first requires you to register as an organization.


Twenty-two biblically-based articles relevant to missions are available for download. They are copyrighted and may not be altered without permission, but may be copied freely for your missionaries, mission leaders, or use in your training programs. Issues addressed include debriefing missionaries (4 articles), a new look at missionary support, biblical self-esteem (4 articles), maintaining spiritual vitality on the field, and several others. To access these, go to and type in the name kenwilly. The password is facs. If you use any of these or have questions, please contact Ken at New articles will be added occasionally.


graduation cap As we’ve previously mentioned, Oklahoma Baptist University School of Nursing is offering a unique continuing education opportunity for missionary nurses to update skills. The next session will be held January 15-19, 2001 on the OBU campus in Shawnee, Oklahoma. For more information contact Dr. Lana Bolhouse

note (Note: this is a new email address.)



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