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CompuBank LogoIn our July 14th edition, we expressed regret that PayPal wasn’t really a full online banking solution (“PAYPAL IS A BIG HIT“). We said we’d keep poking around until we found a full implementation that Brigada Today participants could use.

We’ve found it.

The best solution seems to be CompuBank, which has been rated “Number One Bank Online” by Here’s why. They give you the security of a National Bank insured by the FDIC, combined with:

  • FREE checking accounts
  • FREE savings accounts
  • FREE bill payment
  • FREE domestic wire transfers
  • FREE ATMs and 4 surcharge reimbursements ($1.50/per) a month
  • FREE ClickMiles (Frequent Flyer Miles on 8 major airlines)
  • FREE online Check Images and Monthly Statements Please read on below…



CompuBank LogoSo far, no other option has turned up so many benefits for so little money. In every other case, even if some of those items are free, they are expressly identified as free “for the time being” or until some promotion is concluded. Compubank’s model calls for them to always be free.

In addition, you also have customer support online or by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the Bank’s client service reps are friendly and experienced. All that, and you get the security, privacy and integrity of a national bank, insured by the FDIC. Read on please!



CompuBank LogoNow here’s the best part of all. We’ve set up a Brigada Today referral system with them and if you open an account with them by the end of August, complete with an initial deposit and signed signature cards (which you have to return by postal mail), they’ll deposit $20 cash into your account free and clear. In fact, you can always close out the accounts later, keep the $20, and take your spouse out for lunch. :-) But I doubt you’ll want to close the account — and I hope you’ll take your spouse out to lunch. :-) ‘Cause I believe you’ll want to celebrate the new service they’ll give you.

I’ve tried American Express’ options (“Membership Banking”), “”,, and everything else I can find on the Net… but as far as I can tell, this gives you the best deal — the greatest number of benefits, the most protection for your money (FDIC insured, for instance) plus the $20. When I say I’ve tried them, I mean I’ve even opened up accounts in those other options and put money on deposit there to check out the possibilities for all of us. (So I have small bits of money scattered in at least 4 different online banking solutions now! :-) ) As I said… nothing seems to compare to CompuBank. Whoever said there was no such thing as a free lunch! :-) Check it out in the next paragraph.



CompuBank LogoAs if all the above weren’t enough… you also get a chance to help Brigada Today without having to pay an out-of-pocket subscription fee! :-) You see, while you walk away with $20, if you sign up with CompuBank before the end of the month, Compubank is going to give Brigada Today a $40 bonus just for finding you as a new customer! So… you walk away happy, with a new federally insured bank account and Brigada Today walks away with free money to plow back into services! Yahoooooooooooo! Yahoo

Is there a chance you’ll lose your initial deposit? I don’t think so. The money is federally insured. This is no fly-by-night service. The only thing you might lose is the chance to walk away with $20 free money! :-) Remember, you’ll also get FREE checking accounts, FREE savings accounts, FREE bill payment, FREE domestic wire transfers, FREE ATMs and 4 surcharge reimbursements ($1.50/per) a month, FREE ClickMiles (Frequent Flyer Miles on 8 major airlines), FREE online Check Images and FREE Monthly Statements! So… if you’d like to check it out and help Brigada Today all at the same time, just click here now:

Apply now – it takes only minutes, and approval is in seconds. It’s federally insured. If you like it, please pass the word. But remember, the $20 sign-up “free lunch” money and the $40 bonus for Brigada Today are probably only good through August. So please don’t wait too long. And… from the bottom of our Brigada Today hearts, we say thank you!!!



CompuBank LogoSo the bottom line for the best online banking we can find? Click here: (Remember — you’ll get $20 and Brigada Today will get $40 on top of that! Thanks!)


Brigada LogoWell, we don’t know what the survey says YET, but Jim the surveyor is saying thank you to all those have agreed to take the survey – so far a total of 340 readers. Jim says we need quite a few more readers to agree to take the survey in order to get valid results. So, if you haven’t done so yet, please send a message to (no text necessary). It’s your opportunity to sound off.

Part of the reason we’re doing this survey is to see if people are paying any attention. So it would make my day if we had a big response to the survey! Do it for Brigada – or do it for a chance at our water filter giveaway, courtesy Jim and Deb at TealBrook, on the web at

By the way, in case you forgot, Jim is our warm-hearted friend at Campbell Research, who feeds his wife and kids by doing survey research for ministry organizations :-). He promises not to use your e-mail address for any purpose other than the survey, and he is available to discuss opportunities for learning more about your constituents at



Brigada Logo You could look at it like that. Or you could say… “Hey… for the price I’m paying, who can complain?” :-) :-) :-)


graduation cap Missionprep, in Toronto Canada, is offering another two week Language training workshop. In a relaxed learning environment, learn techniques and skills that will substantially increase your ability to hear and produce the sounds of a new language. You will become more proactive in the language learning process by attending this hands on workshop. Because of the rich cultural diversity of Toronto, Missionprep will most likely be able to match you with language associates from your country of destination. For more information contact Robert or click to:


bus If you’d like to revisit the old “brigada-travel-bids” concept, it’s been revived as ClearVista- Travel-Bids. Just submit your bid request with details to the group address, and someone is supposed to get back to you. Give it a whirl!

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