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Brigada Logo Okay… enough is enough. Thanks to a sponsor or two and some recent PayPal participants, we finally bit the bullet and upgraded Brigada Today to the “no ad option” at eGroups. What that means is a) there will no longer be those little generic eGroups-chosen advertising teasers at the end (touting the latest in some New Age crystal that can be yours for a price :-) ) and b) we’re hoping that will alleviate the way Brigada Today is converting to an attachment for certain email clients. Time will tell. Either way… no more annoying generic ads at the end! Yahoo! And … we are still able to offer Brigada Today at no charge to subscribers! Yay! :-) Thanks again to our sponsors like TealBrook on the web at and Taylored Communications on the web at and to those who have clicked on:


Brigada LogoRemember Jonathan Marsden’s challenge (upon our passing the 10,000 reader mark) to measure the involvement of Brigada readers? Well, with the help of one of our Brigada participants (a ‘pro’ survey researcher) we can now take Jonathan up on his challenge. We’ve commissioned the researcher to design a reader survey that will help us learn more about the Brigada constituency, how you use Brigada Today, and how we can make Brigada even better for everyone — and in keeping with our sensitivity for those working in difficult areas, it’s entirely confidential.

The results will be valuable for us – but only if we can get most of you agree to complete a five-minute questionnaire. So, please do me a favor by letting Jim at Campbell Research know you are willing to help. Just send a message (no text necessary) to

To sweeten the pot :-) , six lucky participants will be chosen at random to each receive a prize: a brand new “Sport” water purifier for you or the missionary of your choice, courtesy of TealBrook email or on the web at (a $30 value! Thanks Mike and Deb!). Results from the survey will be made available to everyone in future editions of Brigada Today.

For the privacy minded, Jim and Campbell Research have committed to absolute confidentiality — your email address won’t be used for any purpose other than this survey. Jim is doing this out of the goodness of his heart, and because he doesn’t mind having the opportunity to let 10,000 missions-oriented people know that Campbell Research specializes in designing, conducting and analyzing research for Christian ministries, including missions organizations. :-) After all, if we want recruits, donors and unreached peoples to listen to us, it’s nice to think about listening to them also. And surveys are a terrific tool for listening to large groups of people. Who knows, you might hear something important!

To find out more about surveying your constituents, write Jim at, or visit But do so only after sending a message to agreeing to take the survey. Thanks!



cd-rom We told you a few weeks ago about the new CD coming from GMI. Well it’s here, and it’s something else! This is a serious missions resource for helping us better understand Muslims and minister in the Islamic context. It contains the full text of over 50 of the best books and journal articles on Islam, seminary courses, a bibliography, photographs, maps and Web links. You can get a copy for only $39.95 (now $19.95 for full-time students and Two-Thirds World ministry leaders) plus shipping and tax. GMI did the production work for this partnership with the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity (London), Fuller Seminary and Lausanne. They produced 8000 copies and have already distributed 6000, many going to ministry leaders in the Two-Thirds World. More information is available on the Web at or contact Karen or by telephone: 719-531-3599 or fax: 719-548-7459. The CD can be ordered from offices in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. We’ve also set up a new Brigada autoresponder file about the CD; to get a 12K email with more details about this resource, send a normal blank email to


Bible Over 200 million Christians live under restriction and persecution for their faith in Christ. Most do not even have their own copy of the Bible. Now there is a unique way that you can provide them with a portion of God’s Word at no cost to you. By visiting “The Bible Site” on the Internet you can click a button that will send a scripture portion to a persecuted Christian, funded completely by sponsors of the site. The success of this exciting campaign depends upon as many Christians as possible visiting “The Bible Site” and encouraging others to do the same. As more people visit and make free donations, awareness will be raised about Christian persecution and thousands of Bibles will be provided to our suffering brothers and sisters worldwide. Visit “The Bible Site” by clicking: (Thanks Justin!)


graduation cap Check out the 5-day course returning to the Portland, Oregon office of Wycliffe Bible Translators, August 14-18. Introductory classes on phonetics, phonology, grammar, language & culture learning, translation & semantics, are all taught by experienced linguists and translators from around the world. Try it on for size, total it up and see if Bible translation might be a good fit for your unique gifts, interests and talents! Field reports, videos, personal testimonies, prayer, devotions and group living build meaningful relationships between staff & students. Tuition, materials, housing and meals (breakfast, lunch and delicious ethnic dinners) are all provided for $100. Scholarship available. Phone John Wilson at 503-652-1662, toll free 800-269-2007, or e-mail Jim Stair at


“A significant number of foreign Christian missionaries have been expelled from Russia, with an increased number over the past year, reveals a major investigation by Keston News Service. Other missionaries are being obstructed in their work.” (KNS Press Release, 19 July 2000.) Full details of the results of the two-month investigation are available from Keston Institute on request at, Website: Keston Institute, based in Oxford, United Kingdom, and with representatives in Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia, is an NGO founded in 1969 to defend religious liberty in postcommunist and communist countries. (Thanks Kerry!)


graduation cap You can start by participating in YWAM’s “North Korea Study School.” The school will be held for 3 months, from October 11 through December 29, 2000, in Vancouver, Canada, and Manchuria, China. The purpose of the school is to help participants gain an understanding of North Korea from God’s perspective and to seek, through intercession, lectures from many viewpoints, study trip and project development, a unified strategy for ministry to this important nation. The cost is US $2600 plus airfare to Northeast China. This will be a unique opportunity to understand the North Korean mind, appraise the situation and discover opportunities for ministry. Those interested can contact Christina at and/or browse


Paypal logo We continue to hear rave reviews by those using PayPal. Many are saying that it’s just a handy way to send secure payments for purchases made at sites recommended by Brigada Today — but this system will only work if vendors and purchasers join PayPal in advance. The only downside we can see of the system is the one brought up by one happy PayPal user (thanks Terry), who writes “If someone sells you something and you pay by Paypal, make sure you know the person is reliable OR you’ve already received the merchandise and it’s in good shape. Because once you pay them with Paypal, the money is gone. If the seller fails to ship the merchandise, or if you return it expecting a refund from Paypal — you won’t get one. That’s not what Paypal is. Admittedly this isn’t a fault with Paypal, it’s just that people should know it’s only a cash transfer agent, not a bank or credit card.” So if you’re trying to find a way to securely send money across the Net, you’ve found it. But if you want buyer protection, look elsewhere. Check out PayPal by clicking below

noteDisclaimer: Remember that, although we would have recommended PayPal anyway, because it “scratches an itch” we’ve felt for a long time, we also want to make it clear that those who enroll in the service will be triggering a referral benefit to Brigada Today in the form of a $5 “thank you” from PayPal to Brigada. Thanks in advance!)



newspaper If you edit a Christian magazine, newsletter, or ezine, relating to mission or evangelism in general, there are some royalty-free articles and news items available as part of the Web Evangelism Guide (Thanks Tony!):


calendar With two weeks to go before the strategic Consultation for Ministries to Hindus and Sikhs in North America, (August 3-5, Minneapolis) organizers are requesting prayers for significant outcomes, stronger relationships, and smooth event functioning. If you qualify to participate or wish to recommend someone to attend e-mail the organizers immediately at But act fast! It’s coming up immediately!


graduation cap Oklahoma Baptist University School of Nursing is committed to encouraging and supporting nursing missions. The School is offering a unique continuing education opportunity for missionary nurses to update skills. The next session will be held January 15-19, 2001 on the OBU campus in Shawnee, Oklahoma. For more information contact Dr. Lana Bolhouse


bus Seems like I regularly get requests from folks seeking the best deals in travel. We used to host a special email conference for those who would like to throw out “requests for quotes”, but any more, it’s probably just as efficient to check out any 3 of the following web sites — most are equally good at sniffing out the best deals: : have to join for $59 for full access, but great site : somewhat focused on business traveler; : great upgrade recently; simple building your trip : well organized; linked to expedia : linked to Sabre, the travel agent reservation system : wide selection; comparison shop with links to airline sites : this is a wash; extensive registration; hardly worth it : slow, clunky, . . .but cheapest int’l fares : airline ticket consolidator; best deals at last minute : these folks you already know about :-) : like the travel guide books by the same name : mapping, destination information (from Fodors), links : same as the popular guidebooks : aimed at adventure sites : like the books by the same name; rugged traveler : info. about events in 33 cities; 20-something crowd

(Thanks to PC Magazine for compiling this list of favorites)



WebWatch Isn’t it crazy the way it seems you can find out just about anything any more by searching the web? But how does one find a “needle in a haystack”? Well with the following search sites, now you can! Alternate between the following until you’ve found a favorite: : expert human guides compile links and info. : directory of categories; related to babelfish : GREAT site for asking plain English questions about all! : search the Internet or the whole Encyclopaedia : get a free utility program that searches 12 engines : specializes in returning the most relevant short lists : popular, full-service, owns : concept-based search site : claims to have indexed more pages; impressively fast : search portal using categories, advanced features; metasearch : goes extra mile, ranks pages, shows search words in context : owned by Lycos; more advanced search features; fine-tune it : full-service search portal; slightly awkward : collect results from a dozen search engines at once : in addition to normal, one can pay for deeper search : up-and-coming metasearch portal : results from 11 different engines : owned by NBC Internet; TV ads; personalizable : full-service portal that pioneered organization by category

(Thanks to PC Magazine for compiling this list of favorites)



WAP device Have you made the jump to wireless yet? I’ve been using an OmniSky modem with a Palm V and I’ll have to admit — it’s very freeing. There have been times that I’ve been out on the road, away from the office, when I didn’t want to take time to fire up my laptop and link it to my cell phone — because a quick two-line email would do. The Palm V with the OmniSky modem is perfect — in the USA, that is. In addition, the unlimited wireless web connection is a whole new way to think about the Internet. Anyway… here are some top sites for wireless web users: : 350 Internet channels for Palm and Windows CE : customize for your unit; use translators and more : address and locator service, info. provider : lately, one of the best : The broadest available content — for a price : customizable portal with tons of options : download the new web-clipping application; great portal : free news, finance, weather, stock lists, etc. : only available for Motorola or RIM pagers; fee involved : use your yahoo email account wirelessly; categories : one password to access all your online accounts; timesaver



graduation cap On August 11, 2000, GRACE NOTES will begin distribution by e-mail of three new verse-by-verse courses in books of the Bible: 1 THESSALONIANS, 2 THESSALONIANS, and REVELATION. In these courses, lessons are distributed weekly by e-mail. There is no charge! If you prefer, you can request delivery of and (or all) course(s) all at once as a Microsoft Word 6.0 file. It will be sent as an e-mail attachment. Send your request to Grace Notes; specify which course(s) you want, and which delivery method (weekly e-mail or attachment) you prefer.

note (Note that Brigada Today doesn’t ever “endorse” any particular doctrine or ‘flavor’ of teaching — so you’ll have to decide for yourself which parts of these kinds of courses fit with your own understanding of scripture — “eat the corn and leave the cob.” corn on the cob :-) )



We recently hosted a series of luncheons and dinners at Team Expansion, all held during a busy [and large] Christian convention here in Louisville, Kentucky. The “Celebration Meal” point person on our team (Yay Todd! :-) ) secured the help of his mother (Yay Peggy! :-) ) and we were off to the races. Of course we realized it would be hard work for everyone involved, but perhaps it didn’t really dawn on us exactly how much work it would be until we started seeing Peggy at work from one meal to the next. Yikes. gulp The truth is, on one particular day she worked from nearly dawn ’til dusk without stopping. When the day was done, we all realized too late that Peggy, the cook, hadn’t stopped to eat even a bite for herself! What’s more, now that the day was done, she was too exhausted to even think about eating. She went home a very tired (albeit fulfilled :-) ) volunteer.

I’ve been thinking about the old adage about cooks who work so hard that they end up starving. At Team Expansion, we have a Pastoral Care specialist who reminds us regularly just how important it is that our missionaries get quality input while on the field. But in spite of Donna’s best efforts — with all the cooperation we can muster — the truth is that we occasionally still see burnout, fatigue, or worse yet, even moral failure and complete crumbling of missionaries’ spiritual foundations.

How can this be? How can these noble professionals leave house and home, family and friends — then end up themselves as a casualty on the highway to Heaven. They sometimes set out with the highest intentions and end up with the lowest inclinations. They witness to countless souls, starving spiritually and/or physically, then end up starving themselves — physically or spiritually.

What can we do about “starving cooks syndrome?” One idea is to designate a “Donna” in your own mission family — someone who will constantly monitor (and wave the flag for) “member care.” That representative could attend the “Pastor to Missionaries” conference in December (to be held at the JAARS Center, Waxhaw NC — read all about it at ). Check out the links at for even more ideas.

But maybe the simplest act of kindness we can do is just to look around us. Those of us working at those meals saw that Peggy was giving of her whole self . . . and we probably urged her to eat something at one point or another that day. But . . . those in leadership probably need to take greater steps than simple words. We probably need to urge and take action to prevent “starving cooks syndrome”. We can’t afford hungry soldiers. It’s just not acceptable in the army in which we all serve.


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