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books Those involved in sharing hope with Muslims will welcome the arrival of two brand new resources, both of which are being distributed by the William Carey Library. Muslims, Magic and the Kingdom of God (Rick Love) focuses on church planting among “folk Muslims.” He blends good discussions about contextualization with full explanations of evil spirits. Those from conservative backgrounds will especiallyappreciate his study of scriptural case studies (e.g., “Moses and Magic,” “Four Models of Power Encounter in Acts,” “Artemis: A Territorial Spirit?”, etc.). It’s normally $17.99 but is available at the discounted price of $12.25 from William Carey Library (contact information below).

The second book is Ministry to Muslim Women: Longing to Call them Sisters (ed. by Fran Love and Jeleta Eckheart). Basically, it’s a compendium of presentations shared at the Consultation on Ministry to Muslim Women, May 1999, Mesa Arizona. Some 16 agencies were present there with an attempt to discern tools, training, and mobilization resources. Though I’m not a female — obviously :-) — to me the book succeeds at its quest, examining such issues as why Muslim women come to Christ (Miriam Adeney did that one!), what helps them grow in Christ, and how to build “community” among them. Valuable stuff. The case studies alone are probably worth the price of the book, which retails for $16.99, but is available to Brigada Today readers for $11.75, again from William Carey. You can order by calling 800-MISSION (from within the USA or via Net2Phone). You can email for info… but remember not to pass credit card information over open email. (I’ve written them about getting a PayPal ID. Maybe they’ll have it by the time you order! :-) A highly recommended pair of tools . . . especially if Muslims are the people you love and serve day by day.




OPC logo Hey… do me a favor. If you get an email asking you to forward a particular message on to 25 other people, ignore it. Seemingly none of those chain letters are ever true. One of the latest touts a free mobile phone from Nokia, a statement Nokia asserts they never made. You can see Nokia’s official hoax warning at: You can get more information about email hoaxes (how to spot them, how to avoid them, and where to learn more about them) by emailing a blank message to




We occasionally get notes from readers referring us to one or more new sites on the web where we can get a free web presence. For example, this past week someone referred us to So far, though, we have yet to see another site with as much to offer as good ‘ole eGroups… Most sites with a free web presence are just that — a web presence — which automatically leaves out those who don’t regularly scan the web. And even if the site sends a “wake-up call” to all your subscriber base via email, what’s up with that? Why couldn’t they just send out your prayer request via email like eGroups does? :-) Instead of just reading your prayer request, now the reader has to log onto your site to read your prayer request. :-) Anyway, feel free to hook up with— but as for me (especially for those readers who don’t regularly cruise the web, but instead use mostly email), I’ll keep on using eGroups because they pump out the information itself.




lighting the way If you tried to access “FREE ARTICLES FOR MISSION USE“, you found that the password supplied by the contributor didn’t work. The username is, in fact, kenwilly, and the password is facs. No caps. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our Brigada family. Once again, just go to http://www.freedrive.comand put in that username and password and you’re in — twenty-two biblically-based articles relevant to missions are yours free.




cd-rom Mission Training International (MTI) has just made available two new CD-ROM’s. The World of Islam is produced by Global Mapping International — and we’ve mentioned it before. It is an incredibly valuable resource with over 50 publications concerning the religion of Islam and witnessing to Muslim people, complete with photographs and maps of the Muslim world. The second, LinguaLinks Language Learning Bookshelf, is produced by SIL International. It is designed to help you learn to communicate in a second language. There is a multimedia section which includes a phonetics practice and language learning troubleshooter. There are over 20 books and articles to help the language learner. To order either resource, feel free to contact MTI, PO Box 50110, Colorado Springs, CO 80949, 800-896-3710 or 719-594-0687, fax 719-594-4682, email or on the web at




The one hundred and fifty young people, mostly South Koreans, who met for the Love Korea outreach in the southern city of Pusan were a sign that a new breed of missionaries can be expected from South Korea in the near future. With the nation’s drive to learn English, and the church’s drive to cater for youth with contemporary style church services, as well as the influence of the media, particularly television, the new breed of missionaries will be more like their counterpart from the west. One church hopes to send one thousand of its ten thousand members into missions: whether as short-termers, tentmakers or career missionaries. Right now this church has five short term teams: two within Korea and one each in China, Japan and Mongolia. Praise God that the economy is recovering again, many Koreans are proficient in English, lay people are being accepted for mission work, and missions is seen far more as the job of the whole church. Pray that the current 8,000 Korean missionaries will soon be increased by other Koreans joining them from the 40,000 churches in Korea. Koreans are making waves in world missions and are partners with the rest of the body of Christ in finishing the task of world missions. Let there be “a church for every people and the Gospel for every person”. For more information contact




calendarThese biblically based, interactive five-day workshops are now available during 2000:
  • September 25-29 in Japan and North Carolina
  • October 2-6 in Florida
  • October 9-13 in Colorado and BC, Canada

For more information about these workshops and a person to contact, go to or send an e-mail to If your mission would like to sponsor an SYIS Workshop, contact Ken at the same email address. This ministry is sponsored by Wycliffe Bible Translators.




After more than a year of silence, Justin Long has decided to start writing again. Justin is launching with an in-depth analysis of the statistics of the last thirty years as given on Barrett’s web site You can sign up by sending a message to




WebWatch Brian wrote this past week to remind us of his favorite search engine, but one we omitted during our recent list of searching sites. Who knows… Maybe I have a built-in aversion to the name. :-) I mean… where do they come up with this stuff. Yikes. gulp Anyway, Brian feels like, for all its problems with a titles, it hits most of the ones we mentioned and a who lot more. In fact, Brian felt it was “the engine of engines!” Okay… maybe so. But am I going to type in that name every time I want to look something up? :-)

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