Well, the folks at “Customer Service” of the SBC-FMB are ready to receive your order! If you’re calling from within the USA, just call 1-800-866-3621, then if you have a touch-tone phone, select option #1, and then in the next menu layer, option #1 again. You’ll immediately be connected to someone like Shirley, Rosemary or Marilyn… and they’ll be glad to help you with an order for your “global map”.

Response has been overwhelming. Once again, we’re describing a global map designed to show where 7,200 peoples groups live, rather than a couple of hundred political divisions. What’s more, those colored ruby red are the groups with the lowest percentage of evangelical Christians… and right away, at a sheer glance, you can see the needs of the area commonly referred to as the “10/40 Window”. What an effective teaching tool!!!

So request either… The poster size (24×36″), full color map of least reached peoples: $6.95 (this is printed on 80 pound glossy paper, rolled and shipped in a tube)

The Large (36×64″), wall-sized map of least reached peoples: $9.95 (big enough for church foyers and reception areas, again, in a tube)

So are you curious about the size of our partnership response, i.e., all of us working together in concert with network upon network and contact upon contact??? It’s unbelievable. Within two weeks time, over 64,000 maps have been requested Sound impossible??? It’s the truth. Sixty-four thousand+.

So enjoy the benefits of bulk pricing and working together and order a map at 1/3 the price we originally thought we’d have to charge!!!

By the way, if you placed your original request with our first supplier (MSA, who was very quickly totally swamped with hundreds of orders), never fear! The responsible folks there in Knoxville, TN, have carefully noted every order and those orders will be forwarded soon to the Customer Service people at the Foreign Mission Board. You’ll receive the map you requested and will be billed accordingly AT THE NEW LOWER PRICE rather than at the higher price originally anticipated. You do not need to reorder. In fact, if you do, you will be sent both orders!

If you’re outside the USA, you can use any of these methods to order:

attn.: Marilyn Glazebrook
Foreign Mission Board, S. Baptist, Customer Service
PO Box 6767
Richmond, VA 23230
Voice: 804-219-1507; Fax: 804-254-8970

God bless!!!
[And don’t use up all those pennies!!! Wait ’til you hear about the new least reached video program in the regular Brigada Today this Friday… perfect for your next Mission Fair!]