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Prayer warriors have walked through North Africa and now to the Middle East in their spiritual journeys lifting up the needs of 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window. The results have been dramatic. Several churches have asked members to “adopt” a particular city for prayer throughout the whole month. One example, the Bachelor Creek Church of Christ, is situated in Wabash County, Indiana (home of the “Wabash Cannonball”), where Senior Minister Tony Thomas has helped lead the church to an Easter high of 1447 and an average attendance of 734 people. Bachelor Creek is hoping that by November, they’ll be able to discern where in the world God wants them to start a brand new congregation among some “least reached” people or city, in conjunction with Envision ’96. With a 1.3 million dollar building to pay for, they don’t know where they’ll get the money, nor do they know where the missionaries will arise. But leaders there say not to worry. This past Sunday morning, Tony prayed, “Father, what we have here is an Agatha Christie mystery unfolding. We don’t know where you will lead us, but we know you are powerful enough to do so.” Speaking of the 100 Gateway Cities Prayer emphasis, one church member said, Sunday evening, “This morning meant so much to me. Just seeing those pictures [in the video presentation, Light the Window], made me want to do something. Always before, I thought only missionaries could be involved. This morning helped me see that everyone can help because everyone can pray.”

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Thanks to Gene Brooks for posting this update on “Praying Through the Window!” “I wish you could have seen it yourself. You think Bev’s prayer on the ‘Shine Your Light through the Window’ music makes you cry, well, you should have seen a room full of recovering drug addicts from the back alleys of Singapore pouring out their hearts in prayer for Ouagadougou, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. They had never heard of these places, but they knew what it is like to live without Christ. Their Cantonese and Mandarin voices created a din of intercession in the back room of our halfway house run by Community of Praise Baptist Church. These were only 17 of the least of the thirty million who prayed that day, but I am sure that their fervency for the unreached helped move mountainous strongholds in North Africa. These guys who have wasted their lives on drugs preached me a sermon that day: If these unknown recovering addicts and idolaters have the audacity to assault boldly the throne room of the Most High and claim a hope and a future for themselves and Muslim North Africans, then how much more should we commit ourselves to the Task God has set before us?”


Want to feed your stereo or CD player with something that will focus on a series of prayer sessions and worship songs that will lead you right into the 10/40 Window? Try “Shine Your Light Through the Window”, a new cassette/CD from New Life Church (sponsoring church for the Christian Information Network). To order, call 800-500-9804 (overseas callers can use 719-594-6602 or fax to 719-548-9000). They ask $15 for the CD and $10 for the cassette. Worship leader is Ross Parsley. Prayer leaders include Fred Markert, Doris Wagner, Luis Bush, Appiana Arthur, Chris DeWer and Beverly Pegues.


That’s right. One of the best little summaries about the countries of the world is available from our friends in Provo….. Utah, that is. They’re called “Culturegrams” and there’s one for just about every nation on the planet. (PO Box 24538, Provo, UT 84602-4538 — Tel: 800-528-6279 Fax: 801-378-7075) The whole set is $105 retail, but rumor has it that if you can convince them you’re educational, they’ll let you have the set for $70. The new set, just out, now includes Cuba, Ukraine, Eritrea, Georgia and a bunch of other places never before written up. So… collect one and all and read about the culture, the language, the politics, the geography, the people, the works!


Only one reader had the audacity to ask what “Matt. 5:33” had to do with seeking sikhs… and he guessed right. It was supposed to be Matt. chapter 6, verse 33. Sikh ye first. Then he went and pointed out that “Sikh” is pronounced like “sick” which is what I then became when I realized …. oh, you understand.


That’s right! It’s up and running. To join, just send email to with only the following line in the body of the message text:
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Moderators Rick Garza and Midge Crossman are eager to help publicize your mission opportunities. The job-shop is a moderated forum, meaning that your postings go first to the conference-owner, then get passed along to everyone else. But they’ve worked hard getting it up and running, so we suspicion that they’ll scramble to help match mission options with people willing to fill them. So if you have a need in a particular country or city, and especially if you have the means to pay for it, post it! Likewise, if you’re in the mood to switch vocations, “job-shop!” This conference was born through a real live situation where a Brigada participant offered work to a person written up in a previous Brigada Today. Check it out! They’re ready to serve!



Thanks to Nate Wilson NateWilson@XC.Org who found an additional source for missions graphics. They’re TIFF format graphics from New Tribes Mission in Florida 1-800-862-3686. In addition, he pointed out that the Corel program has several drawings of nationals in traditional dress and that Caleb Project kept picture files on a number of unreached cities. Thanks Nate!


Thanks to Mark Kelly for sharing the October Advance with us! To get it send email to with only the following line in the body of the message text:
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Summary of October 1995 issue of Advance

THE GOSPEL FOR EVERY PEOPLE — Uplifting reports from Mongolia; Madras, India; Iraq; Korea; prayer requested for the World by 2000 project
THE PERSECUTED CHURCH— Serious concerns about persecution of believers in Hyderabad, Pakistan; Nepal; Colombia; People’s Republic of China; Sicily
SPIRITUAL FORCES OF DARKNESS — Resist evil! Reports from Algeria; Uganda; Burundi; Mindanao, Philippines; Central America and South America. Also witchcraft-related deaths in South Africa; 100,000 children in Philippines trapped in child prostitution; spirit of tolerance in American denominations, urgent prayer to fight scourge of abortion
REJOICE! — Chinese Communist Party members turning to Christ; 30,000 nationals and Rwandan refugees in Zaire accept Christ; new believers and congregations in Chad; 170 new churches in Mozambique; 88-year-old believer, three others released in Morocco; Fourth U.N. Conference on Women in Beijing

NETWORKING — Gardner Webb University; Caleb Project; GOSHEN; Youth With A Mission; Voice of the Martyrs; International Christian Concern; human rights researcher seeks information; International Adopt-A-People Campaign
FRONT LINES — What are you hungry for? Does your heart yearn like the Father’s for our lost brothers and sisters? Or is the Kingdom just one part of your busy, busy life?



Thanks to Mark Wilson, co-Coordinator of the Praying Through the Window II “Praying for the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window” emphasis, who wrote this past week to inform us of a 100% response: “CIN just reported to me that Friday evening a team signed up to go to Tripoli, Libya. Although this particular team did not sign up as a direct result of Brigada, I believe the combined conference prayers of those who saw this need caused this team to respond to God’s call. PTL for His faithfulness. I expect other teams will be mobilized as well.” “Praise the Lord for his faithfulness” is right! Thanks for writing, Mark!


“Middle East Christians are attending a training school to prepare them for their key role in missions. This month students from Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Jordan will gather by the Red Sea for an Arabic / English Discipleship Training School run by Youth With A Mission. The three-month classroom phase, emphasizing ministry to Muslims, will be followed by a ten-week outreach for students to work alongside local churches.”
Source: YWAM International News Digest: October 1995,
John Hanna, Caleb Project, Littleton, CO


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