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Throughout the past year, many have joined together in planning for the “Praying Through the Window II” campaign. And with just 20 days remaining until we jointly pray for the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window, many prayer journey participants are packing their bags to “pray on site with insight!” The Communications Director of the AD2000 & Beyond International Office in Colorado Springs wrote this past week that “341 different teams will take 546 journeys with some teams traveling to more than one city.” Certainly, God is at work throughout our world!

There’s just one problem. We’re missing someone! David also wrote of a one particular city with no prayer journeys scheduled. And Mark Wilson of CBN, a co-coordinator for the 100 Gateway Cities Prayer campaign, wrote, “On our monthly committee conference call this past Wednesday, Beverly [Pegues, of the Christian Information Network,] updated us on the prayer teams going to the Gateway Cities. She reported that Beirut, Lebanon, is the only Gateway City that does not have a team registered to do on-site prayer. The inability of U.S. citizens to get a visa because of the State Department’s discouraging travel there obviously has prevented Americans from visiting Beirut. However, Europeans and others can get in with no problem. Could you announce on Brigada our need to have a team(s) go to Beirut? If anyone out there is planning to go but is uncommitted, or is waiting for God to speak, well, he’s speaking. “Go to Beirut!” Beverly and Ted want to emphasize the sensitivity of Americans going into Beirut and that this is not for novices. Preferably non-Americans should go. Thanks for getting the word out.”

So…. here’s where we get down to it, gang. Who among us knows someone that is already traveling to Beirut? Would they consider dedicating a portion their journey to prayer? And since we’re just 20 days away (and desperate! :-) ), who among us knows someone already in Beirut!?! Would they be willing to dedicate a portion of their time there? If so, contact Beverly at CIN: Phone (719)522-1040. Fax (719)576-2685. Email 73422.3471@compuserve.comto Colorado Springs.



The more we learn about AD2000 & Beyond’s Project Joshua, the more we like! According to a letter received this past week from John Robb (and Jim Brown), Project Joshua “will encompass prayer, partnership, guidance, research, media and communication, database management, mobilization and implementation.” John is Coordinator of AD2000 & Beyond’s Unreached Peoples Track. He says the present conceptual objectives for Project Joshua are:
  • Complete the Field Research of the 2000 least evangelized peoples by April 1997
  • Hold GCOWE follow-on gatherings for Country and Track Coordinators, Mega-church pastors, mission executives, students, etc.
  • Call over 30-50 million Christians to join in the “Praying Through the Window II event in October 1995 for the 100 Gateway Cities
  • Call over 50 million to participate in prayer for the 2000 Least Evangelized Peoples in “Praying Through the Window III” in October 1997.
  • Prepare and deploy the ground force of church planters
  • Form a ministry Partnership for each Unreached People, bringing together different efforts in a synergistic, integrated approach.



Give Tammy Sullivan a chance. According to one Brigada user, “she’s got dogged determination!” While many other agents catch the easy-to-get fares off the computer, Tammy specializes in hard-to-find wholesalers who sell fares at volume discounts, then she passes along the savings to clients. Plus, this past week, for the benefit of Brigada users, she obtained an email account: — so try her . . . you might like her! (If you want to use the old-fashioned technology, call her at “Travel” at 800-513-8293 or fax her at 513-753-8293 in Cincinnati, Ohio.)


Get Wincode. It’s a free piece of software that allows you to encode a binary file (like a word processing document, or spreadsheet, or desktop published file) into ascii characters (which is what is used for email), so you can incorporate these files into your email messages . Often, a particular file might break out into 5 segments, depending on its size and your mailer’s limits. Wincode handles all that seaming transparently. If you have www access, get it at: wincode Otherwise, if you don’t have graphical access, get a similar DOS text-based program called UUEncode/UUDecode by sending email to hub@xc.orgwith only the following line in the body of the text message:
get brigada uuexe521.bat

Uuexe521.bat will come wondering into your email inbasket soon. Just save it as an ascii file, then execute it as if it were a batch file. It works! This file comes complete with all the instructions you’ll need. Warning: As with all software, make sure it works before you leave for an overseas position!



What do you get when you put Patrick Johnstone in the same room as Keith Butler (new director of the Adopt-a-People Clearinghouse), side by side with Philip Botha (South Africa’s people group “adoption” coordinator)? Well, at the least, you get a lot of interest in reaching the world’s least evangelized people groups! Thanks to Marv Bowers and others who alerted us to the conference just wrapping up in S. Africa. Wow. S. Africa’s going to be a hard act to follow!


Send email to CND-INFO@CND.ORGfor info. on how to subscribe to the China News Digest online. Thanks to Merriott@aol.comfor alerting us of this great resource, delivered free every other day. Although not a Christian publication, it is reportedly a great way to keep on news from China. It’s mostly being assembled by chinese volunteers living in the USA.


Thanks to the reader who wrote, this past week, …. “I just wanted to echo my 2c worth for how fantastic Brigada is. I am delighted that the church is taking advantage of modern technology that is transforming this little global village. I am excited with the level of discussion concerning strategies and priorities. I am thrilled with the potential of the People Group Consultant. This is hot stuff for the kingdom!” [By the way — the PGC is almost ready for a major upgrade. Be watching next week for the announcement – we hope.]


Here’s this weeks Global Glimpse for you to put in your church bulletin or newsletter. “Amid the violence of war, evangelical churches are starting in Bosnia-Herzegovina, World Relief reported. In the eastern city of Tuzla, where more than 30,000 people have taken refuge, an evangelical church is providing relief and baptizing new believers. In the eight months since it began, 23 people have been baptized and 45 attend regularly. “We are seeing a steady stream of people coming to know Jesus, where there were no evangelical believers before.”
Source: National & International Religion Report, 9/4/95
John Hanna
Caleb Project


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