OK – we’re not gonna lie: We love JoshuaProject.net. They just keep rolling out thousands of datapoints that help people from all over the world visualize the enormous need – and the incredible progress in the growth of the Kingdom. Have you seen the latest? Just click to https://joshuaproject.net/people_groups/interactive and check out the real-time filtering. You can refine data based on people group name, country, region, religion and/or language. You can select “Frontier” groups (those with a percentage of Christian adherents smaller than 1/10 of 1%), population range, progress scale and more. And once you’re looking at the data you were seeking, you can export. And, here’s the thing: They don’t charge for *any* of it. And get this – In the past 20 years, movements have started springing up in *40%* of these unreached people groups. So, whereas in the year 2000, we had to describe 7000+ unreached peoples, now we can say that more than 2000 of these UPGs are starting to hear and respond to the Good News. This means we can now prioritize the 4000 or so groups remaining. Thank you Dan, Bill, and the rest of the JoshuaProject.net team. Thank you to everyone who gives to make it possible. And thank you Lord for the progress. Just… please… don’t stop now. Only 4000 groups to go.