This new 3-device, portable charging platform can help you de-tangle your travel kit substantially. If you have an iphone 12, 13 or 14, your phone is probably “magsafe” compatible — meaning that it can be charged wirelessly. Next mission trip, with this 3-device portable charging platform, you’ll be able to charge up your phone, watch, and earbuds simultaneously, all from just one cable and plug. It’s affordable, fast, and lightweight. As long as you pack it in a reasonably secure way, it will last for years… and it’s *much* less trouble than carting around 3 different plugs and cables. What’s more, it’s multi-voltage compatible, so you won’t need an adaptor for the voltage (just a tip adaptor for the plug). There are several configurations available on the web. Make sure you get one with the charging hardware built in. We have the “RTOPS” brand and they work GREAT. (We get no affiliate fee for recommending them. They just work.) Check them out at