In the December 11th edition of Brigada (at, we reported on a platform we referred to as “The Perfect CRM.” Little did we know how much it would help in collaboration, project planning, and workgroup management. It’s already providing us with a great org chart, organizational calendaring, the tools to create an org-wide prayer app, and much much more, all with enterprise-level security and multiple server farms on multiple continents, backed up daily and restored at will. Now that it’s been roughly one quarter of a year later, we thought we’d give an update. Adoption of the first 80 users has been fairly painless. In one debrief today, an administrative worker said, “Honestly, it’s already so easy that I don’t even have to think about it as being ‘new’ any more.” That user has already transferred thousands of secure personnel files into the system while fine-tuning hundreds of employee records. Another worker observed, “We’ve already transferred all of our application processes in – no regrets.” Another worker said, “I’ve just finished transferring an entire website, along with a worker request queue. Honestly, it was painless.” At this point, we’re ready to migrate the next 250 workers into the system. (As mentioned above, the first 80, our International Staff and regional coaches, are already on board.) Keep in mind, this thing comes with terabytes of secure file storage (which grows with the user base). We’re still averaging $1 to $2 per user per month for cost. This system is a keeper. And this is not an affiliate ad. We’re receiving zero attention from Bitrix24 for promoting their product. This is one beggar telling another where to find bread. For our entire organization, we finally have found a place to call home.