In a session last week, one of our team members here shared her testimony. “Prior to joining Team Expansion, I was busy with life as usual here in the USA. But a book prompted the question, ‘Is it possible that the Book of Acts is, in a way, still ongoing today?’ I inquired and the next thing I knew, I had joined the Cause. Now, years later, I know that people still DO have dreams of a man in white, beckoning them to learn more about Jesus. Workers still DO travel across rugged lands to share the Gospel. Today, the Book of Acts IS still happening because I see it happen in front of my very eyes nearly every day in my job.” We were just thinking: In light of the fact that Jesus commanded us all to “pray for workers” (Matthew 9:35-39), is there someone you know who might consider joining the “Book of Acts Alive?” If so, we urge you — please pray – then call that person today.