…the amazing gifts that came in this past week for $200, 50, 25, 50, 50, 103, 100, 100, 30, 100 75, 50, 200, $500 (Thank you “Equipping the Saints” in Virginia!), $50, $50 (from Mission Network! God bless you!), and $50 for a total of $1783. Each of you is a saint who cares so much about the Great Commission that you’re willing to invest in it. God bless each of you. So for the purposes of 2021, this brings our total to $10,453! Granted, it’s not quite the goal for which we were praying, but at the same time, it’s a huge amount that really helps expedite Brigada out the door and onto your screen. Thank you! Many have given sacrificially and SO MANY PEOPLE chipped in. God bless you!

Starting out the new year (2022), this past week we received three donations of $100, $150, and $10. Thank you so much to these Brigada fans!