What if we could seek a “return to civility?”
Somewhere along the path to “discussions,” we became all agitated and heated here in North America. As you know, in many lands around the world, we probably prompt a lot of our friends to become very nervous as they hear us argue with one another.

Brigada recently asked for opinions on the IMB decision to require all IMB workers to be vaccinated. (See https://brigada.org/2021/09/26_33265.) This request spawned what is likely the largest string of responses ever in the history of Brigada — since 1995. Most were extremely “civil.” We tip our hats to those who found ways to express their opinions without becoming toxic or overly aggressive. Paul wrote, “”Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony” (Colossians 3:14) The entire chapter of 1 Corinthians 13 establishes the importance of esteeming others higher than ourselves. God COMPELS us to regard others with “agape” love.

So, after reading each of the comments, we conclude – hats off to the Brigada family who could stage such a civil discussion about a topic that has become so polarizing. There were times we wanted to “jump in” and “vet” or “police” answers. Honestly, if we thought we had “absolute knowledge,” we might have done so. But, alas, we don’t. (gasp!) Therefore, we fully believe it is up to ALL of us to fact-check and search for truth for each and every comment we read, both in social media and in Brigada. Agreed?

But – what’s the answer to the question? (“Should the IMB have taken the decision they chose?”) [drum roll] We feel like Brigada’s responsibility is to share information, resources, and trends. [period] We’re not in the business of trying to run your church or organization. But we DO feel like the discussion that has transpired (and is ongoing) has been healthy and civil. And for that, we are extremely thankful.

One thing is for sure: God knows THE best way to beat this pandemic. So we should ALL be praying to Him for wisdom.

Thanks for being part of the Brigada family.