Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Pastoral Training in Member Care Conference
2) Before Sending Your Next “Bulk mail” Piece, Why not Test it?….
3) MKs: Customize Your own BA in Intercultural Ministry
4) Ideas from 24/7 Prayer: Check out this Brief on Prayer-walking
5) Beautiful Book to Help Children Memorize Scripture
6) These Geographically-Related Pads and Books Would Be Sooo Cool…
7) Are You Teaching About Honor/Shame? These Two Resources Will Help
8) “Foundations of Media to Movements” Course Offered
9) The Strategic Role of Networks
10) Righteous Rides: Great Deals on Wheels for Missionaries
11) Correction on the Missio Nexus Attrition Study
12) Suppose You Needed to Learn Dari Online: Where Would You Go?
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: Best Online Site for Finding Mission Opportunities
15) Closing Stuff