Day: June 16, 2019

6) CalCast – The Create International Podcast

Are you tired of listening to what the Mainstream Media is feeding you? Then check out, God Network News and the Gospel Gadget Podcasts, and find out what God is doing in the world today. Like a newspaper that is delivered to...

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9) Looking for a Debriefing Retreat near Atlanta?

Look no farther than LREC. They debrief in the Le Rucher model (see ) at a site just north of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The 2019 debriefing retreats will be June 23 – 28th, and July 28 – Aug 2nd. Might be...

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11) Experience Virtual Reality Church

Get ready: The future will be immersive! Join in on Sunday, August 11, at 4:30 p.m. Pacific (UTC -7.0) in virtual reality to visit the world’s first virtual reality church as featured in Wired Magazine, Daily Mail, and USA...

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14) The Last Bit: Lessons from 5 Days of Pneumonia

I (Doug) had had plenty of sore throats. But never like this one. In fact, on Monday night, when my throat felt like daggers and my chest felt like knives, I knew something was going on. I dreaded just to swallow. The lady at...

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