Confession: As the President of a non-profit of 330 full-time workers, I (Doug) have no idea what my salary should be. Our board members are caring people. They want my needs to be met. But our organization is practically ALL faith-based. We raise support for the org equal to our ministry costs plus our salary. So what’s fair? What’s common? I don’t want to make anything that seems unkind to the people I’m supposed to lead, you know? Many of them are living *very* humbly in the places they serve. So — I was always a bit uncomfortable. What were other orgs doing? I had no *clue*. That’s why I was *thrilled* when Missio Nexus released their “Senior Leader Compensation Study — June 2019.” (How did they know I needed this?) Yes — you’ll have to join Missio Nexus to read it. But if you’re like me, you’ll be glad you did. Join first as an individual, if you like, just to try it out. (Confess: That’s what I did. And I’ve never looked back. This year, our whole org joined because of their new group health program. It was a no-brainer.) In this report on CEO salaries, you’ll see how yours stacks up against others in your region and over all. It’s 18 pages of charts, graphs and explanations. VERY clear. VERY helpful. And for me, very gratifying. (I immediately sent clips from the report to the board so they could be glad about the budget they had set for my salary. I won’t say where I was in the stack. I’ll only say it was extremely helpful to have this report — and it’s broken down by organizational size (number of people for whom you’re responsible). I bet some of you will experience something similar. Who knows – you might even use it as justification to ask for that raise for which you’ve been praying! : ) )  Well played, Missio Nexus. Thank you — again.