Year: 2018

2) What if We Were to PRACTICE Joy?

That’s what Ankit Jain asks in this video, which is going viral… He asks us to ‘practice joy.’ To us, he makes a fairly successful case. But check him out for yourself to see what you...

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7) Free 8-week Online Literacy Tutor Training

Join Literacy & Evangelism International’s Literacy Teacher Training Workshop. This free 8-week online class starts February 5 and ends April 2, 2018. This course prepares you to teach literacy outside of North...

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8) Learn Arabic from a Syrian Refugee in Lebanon

Want to learn Arabic? Why not learn it from a native. You get to learn a language — while changing a life. Face it — The Syrian conflict has triggered the worst refugee crisis of our time. Despite fleeing the...

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11) Finishing the Task in Laos Conference

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to help finish the task of taking the Good News to some unengaged tribe or village somewhere in the world? Now you can know. There are just a handful over 50 unengaged tribes left in...

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