“Window to the World” is a 40 page short book that convers the top 100 statistics every Christian should know about the world through 10 global topics of significance (unreached peoples, poverty, refugees, world evangelization, missions giving, world population…). Each chapter is just two pages: a page of commentary and then a page of 10 unsettling stats on that global topic. The eBook is usually available for only $.99 or the paperback for $3.99. But on January 21 and 22, the author, Andrew Knight, will be offering the book for free. (Note: You have to click on “Choose All Formats” to see the zero-priced Kindle version.) Obviously, this book is short. 40 Pages. But it’s kind of cool, nonetheless. Don’t buy it expecting to be wowed by the format. It’s simple. Get it because of the collection of quick and easy stats that will find their way into your teaching. Find it here…


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