We pay Google for a real-time search engine that is instant — and focused just on Brigada. What does this mean? You’ve got to experience it to see the results. Just type in “YWAM” for example. You’ll receive all 444 items that have included the word, “YWAM,” over the entire 23-year life of Brigada. TESL will yield 408 results. (TESOL will get you 1,220 additional hits, by the way.) The whole thing happens so fast, so instantaneous, you’ll wonder how in the world 23 years can be searched so quickly. (Paying Google some cash can work miracles.) Sure you can go out to “normal” Google and search something like “YWAM in Brigada” — and the first 5 hits are indeed mentions of YWAM in Brigada. But the other 3,015 hits are all over the board. By using the search engine built into Brigada, you can focus JUST on the topic you seek. Try it someday. Remember, just go to…


and use the Google search box immediately under the title of the current edition.