Guess what: There already is. If you speak Levantine Arabic (the Arabic of the Levant, which is spoken in parts of Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey, there is a website and an Android app for you.

This website and the accompanying Android app exist to support leaders at every stage of their discipleship and leadership journey with a system of easy to use resources in Levantine Arabic. They do this so that generations of whole and healthy disciples of Jesus can be developed and the glory of God more fully expressed. Now if you don’t speak Levantine Arabic, the cool part is — they at least show enough of the site in English so you can admire it. There are 351 lessons — and all of them are amazing. You can read the Arabic online or in the app, or LISTEN to it as an audio presentation. It’s really quite remarkable — and it raises the bar high for all the other languages of the world. Well done, DMMPlatformers!