Are your newsletters boring? This 45-minute online course may help you.
You can also use it to:
(1) Teach better
(2) Build relationships more quickly
(3) Or there’s even a section on using it to build your company brand overseas
Get the big picture here:

The designer of this course opened it up for us to see inside. We (Tina) determined that it would help a person come up with new ideas for the first time, go deeper with reflection questions, and even offer a broader frame of reference. The videos are good and the points are salient. In one section, the course teaches, “Only stories consistently hit all three parts of a person: their head, heart, and hands. You don’t need to tell them what to do. A good story will model the way for them, and they will choose it all on their own. Job done. Try imitating those results with a PowerPoint.” This course will help you do just that. Sign up at…