We have to make this decision by June 16th. Time’s a wasting. We began the quest with the item…


asking — should we prep a new Wall of Unreached Peoples by geography, then ask people to try to sleuth out the unreached within that zone? … or should we follow the more conventional (of late) unreached people group approach, scouting out the geography of the groups based on ethnolinguistic lines first, letting the ethnography speak to geography?

Put a different way: For prayer, mobilization, and strategy planning purposes in 2017, would you rather see UPG’s or map zones? We thought the answer would be simple but… wow… some really great minds have jumped in and, now, we don’t know *what* to do. But this decision (which we’ve been putting off for long enough) has to be made by end of day June 16th, 2017. Would you please visit the link above, read through (or at least scan through) the comments, then give your opinion? We’ll try to begin tangible layout work and order parts (thousands of dollars of parts; so we want to get this right) by the end of the week. Please help us make a good decision. Thanks in advance. To participate, just click “Comment” following the web version of this item. To see a picture of past Wall of Unreached Peoples in use, visit, for example,