Shew. I give up. We’ve been trying to manage online learning with Vimeo and webpages. I had an unpleasant experience with Moodle. I give up. We need to find the ability to create classes, verify that the person has watched and interacted with content, and, like most other things, we don’t have much money. We see websites like the Capterra listing…

But honestly, this would take DAYS (weeks???) to sift through all those options. Can anyone save us time? What’s the best product, with the highest level of security, with the most engaging and fun interface (rapid development of coursework for trainers, engaging experience for students), at the best price LONG-term (not necessarily a “free” dumbed-down version). We probably should look for a solution that has unlimited classes, unlimited students, and unlimited potential.

Wow — as I look at this, I’m thinking — does an answer even exist? Thanks for any help you can give.