We hear good things about the debriefing experience provided by TRAIN International in Joplin, MO. Their re-entry retreat, “ABIDE,” is taken from the meaning of the word abide, “To continue without fading or being lost.” and Jesus’ teaching in John 15:5 “If you abide in me, and I in you, you will bear much fruit.” Their next ABIDE debriefing is October 16-21 and includes children’s and youth debriefing. They equip cross-cultural workers to process their experiences, navigate challenges of re-entry and reverse culture shock, spiritually recharge and find rest for the next leg of the journey, and tell their story well along the way. So now you can ensure that you or those serving with your agency may “continue without fading or being lost.” For more info you can call TRAIN at 417.625.1400 or email them at