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In this issue…

1) Help Your Workers “Come Home” from Missions More Effectively
2) Free Guidebook: Strengthening Your Church’s Missions Program
3) Around the World Mission Book Series for Children
4) Is FotoJet Really Free? Great Little Online Graphic Designer
5) This Book Will Help Your Church Lose Members
6) We Asked Patrick Johnstone for his Research on Islam…
7) If Promoters Can get Zume Launched, The Sky is the Limit
8) Where Missionary Training and Survival Training Collide
9) Upcoming Conference: Building a Mobilization Culture in the Church
10) What Will Happen Next in China?
11) What do Westerners and Muslims think of One Another?
12) Answered Prayers, but Still Some Needs at that School in Kosova
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: Why Do Governments Restrict Religion, Anyway?
15) Closing Stuff