My experience is that most cross-cultural workers think they probably don’t need a debriefing event. I think this is probably because they’ve been conditioned to think they’re supposed to buck up and deal with it, you know? But my experience is that they often wonder if they’re wrong. The trouble is, they aren’t really sure. Well here’s an idea: Why not go to one of these debriefing events under the guise of saying that you’re attending so you’ll know how to debrief those around you? Then you can absorb the stuff for your own critical incidents in life too? If you’re able to square away some time in the eastern USA, this event might work for you. Paracletos will be hosting “Recalibrate!” this coming November for 8 families. Five days of group and personal debriefing, programs for children of all ages, and quality accommodations will make this a first-rate experience for those who wish to share their story with people who care. Details can be found at